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Permit Services

Full Service Expediting – Includes permit preparation, coordinating with all involved, submission to building department, weekly status checks with the building department, ensuring all paperwork is in place, obtaining permits, meeting with inspectors, providing weekly report to client and coordinate with building department for issuance of Certificate of Occupancy.

New Construction Permitting

Commercial Construction Permitting

Exisitng Construction Permitting


Need help with a building sale or purchase? Satisfying lender refinancing requirements or increasing a building’s valuation and reducing risk? As part of our due diligence services, our Project Manager team will oversee any municipal records technical evaluation; fire, life safety, and accessibility on-site survey; document and floor plan review; and code and zoning assessment. A due diligence review may be required for:


Land use/zoning services are often required for all structures that will occupy a property and every municipality handles the approval process differently. At RAI we have the experience required to secure your land use approval in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Our experts can assist in reviewing plans prior to submitting, ensuring zoning compliance and preventing costly delays. Land use/zoning typically requires the following information to be included on applications:


Most municipalities require public way use permits for anything that extends over, under, or is on the public way. RAI Experts has extensive experience in navigating the process and helping to cut through the red tape. Elements requiring a permit if placed in the public way can include:


We are here to help assist you with obtaining municipality-mandated licenses for a wide range of applications, including:
Our team can also help with obtaining soil report approvals , noise variance permits, health department approvals, peak hour exemptions, and traffic approvals if required for your project.

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