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Return And Refund Policy

.1. You agree and acknowledge that subject to availability of funds received in the Escrow Account, You are entitled to effect Refunds
at Your sole discretion.
.2. You further agree and acknowledge that initiation of Refunds is at Your discretion and Razorpay shall process a Refund only upon
initiation of the same on the Website.
.3. All Refunds initiated by You shall be routed to the same payment method through which the Transaction was processed.
.4. You agree that Razorpay fees shall always be applicable and payable by You on each Transaction irrespective of whether You have
refunded the same to Your customer either through normal channels of refunds or through the instant refund service of Razorpay affiliate
(if availed).
.5. You acknowledge and agree that for payments that are late authorized but not captured by You, Razorpay may initiate auto-refund to
the customer within five (5) days.